Non-Network License (Check-List)

Import License by DPL Holders

  1. Covering Letter with filled Application Form
  2. Online Registration 
  3. Copy of Signed Purchase order from the end user holding Letter/frequency earmarking letter to DPL holder. 
  4. Copy of Signed Purchase order from DPL holder to foreign supplier
  5. Copy of signed Invoice from the supplier to the DPL holder
  6. Copy of decision letter/frequency earmarking letter issued by WPC to the end
  7. Technical literature/specification of the equipment regarding the band of frequency, power etc should be furnished and should match with decision letter issued by WPC.
  8. SBI Demand Draft of Rs.500/-
  9. Separate application should be made per port of import
  10. Details of equipment imported earlier during last one year along with along with utilization.
  11. Copy of valid Dealer Possession License
  12. The equipment proposed for import should be in the list of equipment in the DPL.