TEC is a technical body of Department of Telecom, Government of India. formulating Specification of common standards with regard to Telecom network equipment, services & interoperability.

We closely work with our clients & TEC and offer Telecommunication in-country testing & approvals. We obtain Interface Approvals, Certificate of Approvals, Service Approvals & Type Approvals from TEC for applicable products placed in the Indian marketplace

TEC Type Approval

TEC issues Interface Approval against its Interface Requirements (IR) standards. IR standards are organized by functional equipment type and usually specific to network interfaces. Equipment to be connected to public network services requires approval. The applicant for approval must be a local Indian company. We provide critical advice on approval strategy and have a tremendous ability to get things done -- even where others fail. We can help you complete TEC Interface Approval with our turnkey solution, which includes logistics, extensive engineering test support, and a straightforward and successful approach to daunting administrative procedures.

Interface approval is not an approval that can be used for trading and also in no way gives you a permission to import the equipment into India. The separate licenses should be procured for trading and import.