We offer end-to-end solution for customer with services including product safety testing at BIS Accredited testing laboratories, documentation fill up for manufacturer & filing application on behalf of manufacturer as authorized representatives. We also offer custom clearance and answer any queries with DIET (Department of Electronics & information technology) related to application of the regulation or filing extensions to allow product into India marketplace while BIS registration is in progress. Our success to obtain quickest registration remains secret in the industry.

The mandated electronics and information technologies goods shall be labelled as "Self declaration - Confirming to IS (Standards No.)"Before they are placed in the Indian market after obtaining registration from BIS.
15 New Products added in BIS Registration Scheme

He Indian Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DEITY) issued an interim expansion under the Compulsory Registration Order on November 7, 2014. In addition to the 15 categories of products covered, the compulsory registration scheme is expanded to cover another 15 products. The newly introduced products are:

  • Power adaptors for IT equipment
  • Power adaptors for audio, video and similar electronic apparatus
  • UPS/Invertors of ration smaller or equal to 5kVA
  • DC or AC supplied electronic control gear for LED modules
  • Sealed secondary cells/batteries containing alkaline or other non-acid electrolytes for use in portable applications
  • Self-ballasted LED lamps for general lighting services
  • Fixed general purpose LED luminaries
  • Mobile phones
  • Cash registers
  • Point of sale terminals
  • Copying machines/duplicators
  • Smart card readers
  • Mail processing machines / Postage machines / Franking machines
  • Passport readers
  • Power banks for use in portable applications.

Compulsory registration will be required for all the products listed above (except for sealed secondary cells/batteries containing alkaline or other non-acid electrolytes for use in portable applications) within six months from the date of publication of the interim extension. As such, the effective date will be in May, 2015. The excepted category has nine months to comply with the compulsory registration requirements, i.e., in August, 2015. A new standard — IS 16242 (Part-1):2014 — is introduced for UPS and inverters instead of IS 13252-1 as mentioned in an earlier draft notification